2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite in Olympia, WA

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We are proud to be a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite for the 3rd consecutive year!


Thank you to everyone who mentioned and/or voted for us on Nextdoor! We truly appreciate your support.

Springer Plumbing is a Neighborhood Favorite in 23 neighborhoods.

Springer Plumbing is a Neighborhood Favorite in 23 neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Favorites is an annual awards program that gives neighbors a way to recognize the most-loved businesses in their local communities. Only 1% of all businesses win this award – and Springer Plumbing was one of them!

In Tumwater:

  • Tumwater Hill

  • Carlyon North Tumwater

  • Elm St.

  • Carlyon North

  • Gold Creek 

In Olympia:

  • Capital Mall Area

  • South Westside

  • Downtown

  • Northwest Olympia

  • South Capitol

  • MacAllister Park

  • Seasons – Eaglecrest

  • Wildwood/Gov. Stevens

  • Upper Eastside

  • Indian Creek

  • Grass Lake

  • Black Lake

  • Ken Lake

  • Ward Lake

  • Black Lake Belmore

  • Orchard

  • Fairview/South Black Lake

  • Langridge

We have been a “Neighborhood Favorite” for the past 3 years as well as received over 190 recommendations in 460+ neighborhoods. Nextdoor is the best resource to stay in the know about what’s going on in your neighborhood!

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