Fix A Leak Week

Mar 20, 2019 | Latest News | 0 comments


This week is Fix a Leak Week! Household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, so each year we hunt down the drips during Fix a Leak Week (as well as every other day of the year!) The EPA launched Fix a Leak week to help remind Americans to find and take care of leaks in their plumbing and irrigation systems. From March 18 through March 24th WaterSense and various organizations around the country sponsor activities that educate people about the importance of saving water.


How much water is being lost?

A projected 10,000 gallons of water each year is lost due to leaks in an average American home. These leaks can be from dripping faucets, running toilets, trickling irrigation systems and more. All of this wasted water adds up to over 1 trillion gallons of treated, potable water that is lost each year. The good news is that there are some quick and easy steps you can take to find and fix leaks in your home.

Do you have a leak?

  • If you live in the city, check your water bill. If you see a surprising spike in your usage most likely you have a leak.

  • Keep your eye on your water meter for an hour or two. If all the water in your home is turned off and your meter moves it is time to search for leaks.

  • One of the sneakiest culprits of wasted water is a running toilet. Put a couple drops of food coloring in your toilet tank, if there is a leak the color will show in the toilet bowl without flushing.

  • And the most obvious: listen for dripping faucets around your home.

How can you help?

  • Of course we encourage you to fix any leaks you find. If you aren’t up to tackle the task, we would love to help.

  • If your faucets, showerheads or toilets are older, consider replacing them with newer WaterSense-labeled fixtures. These reduce the flow of water while maintaining first-class function. If you are on city metered water, the investment of purchasing these water saving faucets will pay off in a matter of months.

Save Water, Save Money

If any of these leaks are in your hot water lines, a great deal of energy is spent heating this water. By repairing the drips, water AND energy will be saved which also saves money. A leak of one drip per second can cost $1 per month. Do yourself and the planet a favor and spend a few minutes this Fix a Leak Week finding and repairing those leaks.

For more information, visit the EPA’s website.